Tim Butcher | Understanding Africa’s Broken Heart, The Congo, Through The Eyes Of A War Journalist – Blood River

The Development Inversion, Blood River, Africa’s Broken Heart & One Of The Best Adventures Of The 21st Century

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Tim Butcher On The Curious Worldview Podcast | #66

Tim Butcher is the guest on this episode of the podcast.

Tim served as a journalist for over 20 years with The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom, holding a series of positions including lead writer, war correspondent, African Bureau Chief, and serving as the Middle East Correspondent. 

Tim Butcher travelled overland the great, powerful, consuming and hostile, lungs of the Earth which is the territory we know as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And what makes this one of the great adventures is that at the time he did, and likely since as well, it had been over 100 years since someone had successfully completed the journey.

And unlike the rest of the world, the 100-year interlude had made things worse, rather than better. 

I remember during my economics degree at university, we had to start changing the definition of countries from 1st, 2nd and 3rd world over to developed, developing, underdeveloped. But they need another definition for the Congo, because it as a nation does not fit into any of those categories. They are un-developing. The rate of progress in the Congo, is by all these arbitrary measures, in decline.

The Congo is both un-developing and underdeveloped, and such was the state of affairs in 2004 when Tim made this journey through the Congo.

You can expect to hear in this podcast about the following and more…
  • The Risks Of The Congo
  • The Beauty Of The Congo
  • Tim Explainaing Why Progress Is Inverted In The Congo (This Is The Most Important Part)
  • Corruptiopn & Kleptocracy Of The Congo
  • + A Window Into Tim’s Latest Work

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Timestamps With Tim Butcher

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 06:37 – What Makes Traveling The Congo So Exceptionally Difficult.
  • 11:41 – The Risks Of Traveling Through The Congo.
  • 35:21 – Why The Congo Is So Beautiful & The Unbelievability Of The Congo.
  • 45:01 – Tim’s Motivation For Going To The Congo.
  • 47:57 – Tim Explaining How Progress In The Congo Is Inverted.
  • 1:08:21 – The Corruption, Kleptocracy & Crony Capitalism In The Congo.
  • 1:13:47 – Why Nations Fail, Corruption & Giant Infrastructure Projects.
  • 1:26:52 – Amazing Anecdote Regarding Health, Corruption & Covid.
  • 1:29:28 – Classic Despotic African Corruption & Cliché Yachtlife.
  • 1:31:50 – The Illusion Of Normalcy & What Makes A Nation.
  • 1:46:46 – On Special Economic Zones In Africa.
  • 2:01:36 – A Country You Are Most Bullish On.
  • 2:04:06 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast

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