When Edward Snowden Called Out Nassim Taleb

The Twitter Fight Between Nassim Taleb & Edward Snowden

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Nassim Taleb got into it with Edward Snowden recently on Twitter.

Snowden came after him with a tweet supposedly exposing how unreasonable, cruel and overall nasty Taleb was.

Taleb Snowden Twitter fight

The algorithm rewards this type of abuse and drama – which is why you only ever hear about the negativity – and so when Taleb does tell someone to get lost, it shoots right up to the top of our timelines.

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The Aftermath Of The Taleb Snowden Twitter Fight

Snowden didn’t realise what he got himself into.

Nassim Taleb writes in Skin In The Game that while he overall makes an effort to be kind and courteous and usually gives the benefit of the doubt – to maintain credibility every now and then you need to savage someone who wrongs you.

I am afraid, for the sake of Snowden, that his interaction with Taleb here may well be a case of this.

Taleb Medium Article – Snowden, phony hence traitor.

“I have had the fortune (or misfortune) to become an expert on smear campaigns and harassment thanks to 1) Monsanto (for my precautionary principle work), 2) The eugenists “race realists” alt-right (IQ work), 3) Covid and vaccine deniers (pandemics tail risk work), and now 4) Bitcoiners who strangely overlap with Covid Deniers”

Nassim Taleb

“How do you smear someone? Along with the nasty mob harassment, you make sure to demonize and prevent the person from being able to shout that he or she is being harassed. Snowden called the harassers my “victims”, a category to which he subsequently identified himself, simply because I responded to him”

Then in such quintessential Taleb, he writes —

Historically, abusers trying to pass for victim receive extra punishment.

Nassim Taleb

The End To The Taleb Snowden Twitter Fight

A lovely Finnish man shot back with the counterfactual to Snowden’s tweet.

taleb snowden twitter fight

To conclude, when, as is the case with Snowden, you have incomplete information and a very murky story, never go by what the person says.

He has just shown he has no credibility and proved (elsewhere) a poseur’s ability to dress things up under the cover of freedom-seeking and oppression fighting. So, exclude all of his accounts from his story, and think like a probabilist in conditional terms: given his geolocation and intellectual dishonesty, what account on his activity is the most plausible?

Snowden of course lives in Russia. 

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