Open Letter To Robbie Schingler

Disclaimer: Ever since I discovered the company via an interview with your co-founder, Will Marshall, I have been thinking about how I can become a part of the team and join the journey. I wrote an open letter to Will Marshall, a brief business profile on Planet and have sitting in draft, two essays more for general consumption, the dual topics of the ‘Truth Economy’ as well as the ethics of ‘Data Distribution.

In short, I simply must work for Planet.

Why Planet Has Me So Excited

Andrew Zolli said, (and quite boldly I should add), in his closing keynote to Explore 21, that Planet’s data could contribute significantly as the great Archimedes lever to move the world.

Central to my enthusiasm for Planet are the following questions.

  • How Can One Affect Real Change Upon The Globe?
  • How Many Products Can Truly Claim Influence At Your Scale?
  • Whats The Most Exciting Application For Planet’s Data?

Only tomorrow can tell.

One of my favourite takeaways from Taleb is, how can you predict a future of infinite possibilities based on a finite experience of the past?

It seems the future is inherently unpredictable, and despite our linear understanding of how things have gone, we nonetheless sit, now and at every moment, face to face with all possible outcomes.

And so to think in these terms about Planet, this is what has me so excited. Because, not only are the current applications of Planet’s data obviously applicable to big ag, big finance, big retail, big science, big gov, big space, big etc. But it is the future of Planet’s data that is most exciting, all the various routes and unintended applications.

Who is to say what the second, third and ñth order effects will be? It is very possible, if not likely true, that the lead revenue generator on your balance sheet in 2050 will come from an application your data has not even daydreamed of yet.

It is for these reasons Robbie, that Planet is for me, the ultimate call to adventure.

Beyond The Product. A Purpose.

To keep it brief, I was never quite content with the broader impact of the previous companies I worked with. They had nice cultures, made everyone feel good, and promoted good work, but despite all the positive messaging, we were always limited by the scope of the product. Whether it was selling a SaaS product for the tourism industry, driving efficiencies in 3PL or anything else I did. I always missed that giant piece of purpose.

Therefore, and as a result, in the last few years, I have worked for myself while keeping a close eye on big opportunities. Nothing has struck me as so exciting an opportunity as to work for Planet.

Another great line from Andrew… “Planet is making the invisible, visible”. I can see so clearly how transformative the potential of Planet’s data is. I want to be a part of it.

As an Australian, I want to make an impact on the vastness. As a Swedish resident, I want to work alongside the social organisations. How well can we currently price in environmental externalities? Well, without the data to lean on, clearly not well at all. I can imagine Planet data underwriting environmental externalities. It is, and forgive the cliche, game-changing.

As someone who can spend hours procrastinating on Google Maps, Planet resonates with me deeper than you know.

Robbie… May I Ask You For Advice?

I have shown my hand, clearly. I wish to work for Planet.

In addition to the job application already made (EMEA), please advise me as to how I can best communicate my enthusiasm and competence to the right people to increase my chance of success.

I want to leave nothing on the table in my effort to join the team.

Post Script

Conscious Capitalism, Social Entrepreneurship and your notion of the ‘Truth Economy’ are very interesting to me. I would be thrilled to speak with you on my podcast around these themes.

I interviewed the CEO of Vestergaard (truly one of the greatest exponents of Conscious Capitalism) back in the beginning of 2021. My most memorable class from university was one of Social Entrepreneurship. We were taught to be sceptical of unsustainable business models, taught how the best exponents of this economic philosophy are those who are profit-seeking and plus, I would like to share with you a fun anecdote we had with a Norwegian representative of Ashoka.

I am not sure where the ‘Truth Economy’ comes from, something tells me it’s from you and Planet, but all these themes I would be over the moon to chit chat with you about.

This is a great line from Explore 21 that does such a terrific job at highlighting the necessity (and perhaps inevitability) of change when thinking about the purpose of private enterprise.

“We live in a world of 21st-century problems, within a 20th-century economic system and 19th-century institutions”

All the best Robbie, I hope these words pixelate in front of you well!



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