Peter Attia | The 3 Lever Nutritional Framework

The Final & Complete 3 Lever Nutritional Framework For Understanding The Impossible World Of Dieting

The Standard American Diet, or – S.A.D – as Attia rightfully observes, can be surmised as the following – 3 Lever Nutritional Framework.

  • Eat whatever you want.
  • Whenever you want.
  • And however much you want.

Sound familiar? It certainly does for me.

This diet, is in fact, not a framework exclusive to America. You can substitute in any country I have lived in myself and find this diet more often adopted than it is not – and I would presume that rule true of many countries more as well.

Speaking from personal experience – Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands, Mexico – are all nations who constitute thier overwhelming share of S.A.D dieters. Sure, people work out and occasionally do their best to ‘be healthy‘. But let’s be honest. When it comes to the Attia framework – a model that obligates us to never pull all 3 levers – the majority of us fail.

Whatever you want, whenever you want and however much you want is typically the default. We might fool ourselves into thinking we are healthy by engaging one lever less some of the time – but unless followed (near) 100% of the time… you are simply succumbing to bias.

Explaining The Peter Attia 3 Lever Nutritional Framework

Peter Attia Nutritional Framework
Peter Attia’s Hand drawn Framework

What makes Peter’s ‘3 lever approach’ so good it’s stupid simplicity. We have established the 3 levers or ‘inputs’. Now simply follow…

  • Always pull 1
  • Often pull 2
  • And occasionally pull 3

Absolutely foolproof. But, as you will find – still not easy. Dieting is as unnatural a behaviour we human’s can abide. An evolutionary understanding of dieting would indicate that we always pull 3 because food complacency will get you killed. Food insecurity defined the human experience for 99% of our existence as a species.

It’s understandable.

The S.A.D – Standard American Diet – is a celebration of human prosperity and freedom. Even the poorest, stupidest and least skilled among us can pull 3 levers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A sincere round of applause for the agriculturalists and logistics networks of the world.

The Discipline Of Peter Attia’s 3 Lever Nutritional Framework

Peter Attia is a many of many hats. Learn more about him here. But understand that while this nutritional framework might be the most simplified and easily understood approach to dieting out there. That does not mean adhering to its 3 lever mantra will be easy.

Dieting is hard.

For the same evolutionary reasons mentioned above. It’s entirely unnatural to restrict yourself whilst stood in from of a fridge full of food. It’s non-sensical and irrational to opt for leafy greens when corn fed chicken is right there! Believe me, I know the struggle. Dieting is hard.

Conclusion On Peter Attia’s 3 Levers

Think about it this way.

Attia’s 3 Lever Nutritional Framework offers optionality. A word that put’s led in my pencil. The freedom to defer from the rules, as long as, you remain fixed on the goal.

  • Breakfast could be gluttonous – but that means there is no lunch and likely no dinner.
  • Lunch might be salad instead of a burger, ensuring your dinner steak to be guilt-free.
  • And all of the above is possible – so long as it’s a rarity and not a norm.

The Peter Attia Nutritional Framework – always pull 1, often pull 2, and occasionally pull 3. Dieting made simple. But not easy.

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