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Patrick Watts | The Curious Worldview Podcast #168

The following is with Patrick Watts who is one hell of an interesting fella, and the more we talked both before and after the interview, it became really clear how almost exactly overlapping our interests are… everything from the obscure to the predictable… so needless to say, this was a really fun episode to record!

The podcast is about the themes from his debut book, The End Of The American Empire

The End Of The American Empire – UK Amazon

The End Of The American Empire – US Amazon

It’s just come out in US and UK markets, so don’t hesitate a second to go and get it. Amazon link is in the description… this is a self published book from Patrick, so my hope is that the curious worldview audience will really make a difference in moving the needle here.

Timestamps For Bill Browder

  • 00:00 – Who Is Patrick Watts
  • 01:23 – US Politics (Biden, Culture & Trump)
  • 11:23 – Theory Of Rhetoric
  • 13:49 – Patrick Watts… Self Confessed Americanophile
  • 17:54 – Distinction Between An Empire & State
  • 21:33 – Behind The Scenes Self Publishing
  • 47:58 – John Perkins & Confessions Of An Economic Hitman
  • 54:25 – Why Empires Have Fallen Throughout History
  • 1:16:49 – 50% Of Pregnancies In The US Are Unplanned
  • 1:19:13 – US Is The Most Mediciated Citizenry On Earth
  • 1:20:13 – What Does A Collapse Of The American Empire Look Like?
  • 1:33:30 – Serendipity In Patrick’s Life
  • 1:45:35 – Favourite Fictional Character & Country Particularly Bullish On

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