Hopefully, these pixels have loaded in front of you via visitation to my brief Planet Business Profile. If not, then perhaps take in the opening paragraphs there to get a sense for what I think about your marvellous business.

I will keep this short since I am sure to have already stolen far too much of your time.

I wish to work for Planet.

In what capacity is not exactly clear, but it’s also certainly not opaque. You are advertising for a VP of Sales in EMEA. I live in Stockholm and have operated for several years in multiple sales functions in Europe.

I am an Australian with residency in Sweden and have 2 industries and 4 years of experience selling to Europeans for all the good and bad that entails. There are 15+ distinctly different cultures in Europe, and that doesn’t even take into account the MEA side of things. EMEA is distinctively different to North & South America, and again distinctive from Asia.

If I am to be completely honest and just expose my hand to cancel out all potential leverage. I don’t think I would be well suited for the VP of Sales role. The man-management, relationship, support, mentorship, C-suite sales side of things I would be thrilled to tackle. This I have experience with, and this I truly love. But the org management, sales funnel, bureaucratic, on-boarding, training, macro sales strategy side of things. I must be honest, I don’t think are well suited to me.

With my former employer X (SaaS Tourism Industry), I built the UK/Benelux/Nordic market from scratch alongside two others. When I came there were 0 clients when I left there were 100’s. That journey was brilliant because I could become a mentor to the new hires without that becoming the entirety of my job. I could still pursue my own business. That market is now X’s European most profitable division and by a significant margin. I routinely flew to, and met with business leaders throughout the cross-section of Europeanisms. I love this. That is an extremely thrilling part of the job, and with my understanding so far of Planet’s value add… mate, I think I would generate some serious business for you.

I think I would thrive in Enterprise Sales with Planet, EMEA I have experience in, Global I would be thrilled to learn. This role is currently not being offered on your careers page. I wonder whether that is because it is already being filled or because it has not yet been created.

My enthusiasm for Planet is overflowing. Ultimately, I want to work for Planet – whether this is in sales or coffee runs is of second-order value.

Let’s get on the blower mate (ryan.atlasgeographica@gmail.com) I have much more to say about motivations but then it starts getting a bit too private for a public forum.

Thank you Will, or anyone else at Planet if you read this far 🙂

Ryan Faulkner-Hogg

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