Open Letter To Tim Ferriss

I Am One Of The Millions To Which You Are Mentor… A Brief Rumination On How You’ve Influenced Me.

From your very best, to what constitutes the rest, your content defines the context of my early twenties.

I cannot pinpoint in my memory how it was exactly I stumbled upon you. But I do remember where I was. I was twenty-one, working a hostel bar in Peru and squished, standing in an overcrowded bus journeying between Cusco and The Sacred Valley. I had just in the weeks previous gotten into podcasts and was ready to queue up this interview I had downloaded with the Austrian great, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This episode, my debut Tim Ferriss Show experience, was to accompany me up and out of the twisting Andes roads.

Five years later and your interviews have stayed with me across the world.

  • I had a teary dinner alone in Kalambaka, (no doubt discomforting the waiter) as your discussion of depression with Peter Attia had me thinking of my brother.
  • I was traversing the low peaks of El Camino’s Basque Country, taking in what you got out of Edward Norton.
  • My daily commute to work, the lazy bike ride through Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, marked by your voice.
  • + Many, many more. Just last week, yourself and Dennis Mckenna joined me for a section of the St Olavsleden trail which is the globes northern most pilgramge spanning between Sweden and Norway.

A Debt Of Gratitude

You have certainly influenced me for the better. Leading by example, you really were the first person to make me realise that I could actually pursue any line of business or lifestyle I wanted to. It was just a matter of competency.

By example, highlights include…

  • Languages. I am led to believe you speak Japanese and Spanish fluently and seem to have a firm grip on several more.
  • Tango. Done in typically ‘go figure’ Tim Ferris’s fashion, you learned, practised and became professional in something completely random.
  • Content Creation. One of the biggest blogs in the world. One of the biggest podcasts in the world. All from your corner of competency. I would love for you to reflect on your first 50 peisodes. What download numbers you were getting? What interview insecurities you had? How you managed it.
  • Investing. I have said much about this. The Tim Ferriss Empire.

It is, and forgive the cliche, inspiring. You are doing what you want to do and not beholden to anyone. As I write this in the middle of 2021 – has there ever been a point of existence where one can pave their own way on pure competency alone? I think not. Never before has access to an income been less dependent on location and time. The same person who in 2010 needed to be in the office to complete his 3 hours of work in 10 didn’t have the opportunity that I have now at my fingertips. And this really is the Tim Ferriss influence – or perhaps you’d prefer Tim Ferriss Effect. It has a nicer marketing appeal to it 😉

Many around the world emulate you – myself included. I am not deluded into thinking I can follow you precisely, nor would I want too. Your keenness and attention to detail are completely lost on me. But, for whatever it’s worth if these words happen to pixelate under your nose – I cannot understate the influence on my life. A successful, relatable male role model at a time I didn’t think I needed one.

You’re a legend mate. Cheers.

Mentor To Millions – Open Letter To Tim Ferriss

There is a long, open letter to Tim Ferriss felatio in me. I could surely pen one of those and fill the page but that would be entirely self serving.

Evidence for how you’ve influenced me? Here you go.

  • Despite having expectations repeadatly underwhelmed. I remain steadfast in pursuit of my ambitions.
  • E-commerce style businesses – launched and then managed with varying success.
  • I record many podcasts. I am constantly learning. I love it.
  • I firmly prioritise relationships and lifestyle over income. I am quitely conident that income is going to spill over regardless, but in the short term I have made many decisions that could have otherwise been lucrative. Just to maintain freedom of movement and optionatlity. Something I feel is firmly influenced by your fingerprints.
  • I have also learned about the things I didn’t like – I can now recognise them in myself and quickly adjust.

So, here! here! Tim – the mentor the millions.


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