Open Letter To Tim Denning

Hello Tim,

How are you mate! I hope all is well (considering the times). Judging by your posts over the last weeks things seem to be doing alright, so I hope that’s the case!

You may have noticed me liking your Linkedin content over the last year or so. My name is Ryan Faulkner-Hogg, and while I am a fellow Australian I actually discovered you whilst I was living in Amsterdam.

I take a lot out of what you produce. Your work was even an inspiring factor for me starting my own online writing adventure. I don’t have an audience of significance to speak of, however I take immense pleasure and learning out of each article I publish. In just several months I have published almost 30 articles covering mostly Animal Cruelty, Economics and Nassim Taleb

Something you wrote on your ‘about’ page compelled me to write you this letter.

I’ve failed a bunch of times and had some massive lows. I’ve turned these lows into a mini transformation

I want to learn about that moment. The lowest point.

This moment touches me, because no matter who you are, how you respond to this moment is all that really matters. The development and high risk transformations which occur at the bottom are the fodder for the most interesting self realisations. These moments are so relatable and meaningful for all because the stakes are never higher. What matters most is the the people who bring you back up, the self worth you discover along the way and the bright optimism of a fresh horizon. 

Speaking about and reliving these moments have both the cathartic effect for the subject as well as an inspirational effect for the audience.

You, now, at 34 years of age, have achieved great career success, seemingly. You say 2011 was the year you discovered personal development and it turned your life around. Judging from this, it sounds like these were the low years you refer to, aged 24-25.

I myself am 25 years old and quite clueless about the future. I’ve rolled the dice plenty of times, dipping my toe into many ponds. I know not my path, but I have a credence for when I am on it.

Tim Ferriss said as much on his 4 hour long journey of Mushashi’s ‘Way Of The Warrior’ with Jocko Willink, where, upon decompression at the end of this quest the two are speaking about the philosophy of Musashi’s commitment to the sword above everything else. Tim makes a comment here which has left an effect so significant, it has dug itself into my psyche as a qualifying test for most anything I do. He says…

“If someone was to ask me, ‘What is your path Tim’, I would not know how to respond. Sure, learning productivity philosophies from the best and the brightest and then passing these morsels onto millions is what I do. But I could not actually describe my path to someone if they asked. So I don’t know exactly what my path is, but I know when I am not on it

I am more or less hopelessly lost, but still trying. Inherently I know when I am on the path, even though that path is completely hidden.

Forgive me, I just realised how tangential, and possibly irrelevant, a thread I just pulled.

I will refocus your attention on my intention for writing you this letter. The reason I write you this letter is to invite you as a guest to be interviewed on my youtube channel, The Idea Of.

I really admire what you have created for yourself through writing online. What get’s me so excited about the prospect of getting a chance to interview you is that, despite all the value you add via your written word, there is more to be learnt from you and your experiences. 

My interviews attempt to widdle away at the questions – What is your path? How do you know you are on it? How did you find it? Who and what helped you along the way?

I have found two interviews with you online, one with Success Talks and one with Become The Lion, it would be my pleasure to get the chance to interview you and publish it on ‘The Idea Of’ youtube channel.

We share much in common, most notably a heightened admiration for Tim Ferriss (you will see I have published several posts about him).

If you made this far, thank you so much mate. I have much admiration for your writing and how you have gone about it. If you are interested in the interview then that would be absolutely brilliant. I am in Sydney, so logistics will be a breeze, and I am of course available only according to your schedule.

Thank you so much Tim for taking the time to read this letter and thank you again for writing all the relevant, relatable content you do.


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