Nomadic Matt Ryan Faulkner-Hogg

Open Letter To Nomadic Matt

Hello Matt,

How goes it mate?

I am writing you this letter in optimistic spirits. I have perused NomadicMatt for going on five years now. Your writing and website has accompanied me as brilliant resources over the years as I lived in various places.

I am sure you receive much flattery and don’t need me going on about it so I will cut right to the chase. The reason I am contacting you now (besides the flattery) is to ask whether you might be interested in having an interview/discussion with me for publication on my podcast and blog about some of the following things. I want to primarily conduct an investigation into you and NomadicMatt. I would love to speak about loneliness, the philosophy of adventure, various ‘digital nomad’ trends, the future of work and the increasing possibilities to go nomadic, (my favourite) country highlights, SEO & business, and really any and all tangents you can imagine that would take us down.

I trust you keep a full schedule and busy calendar and completely understand if you cannot find the time nor interest. But just in case you are I will quickly paint some context.

My name is Ryan Faulkner-Hogg and I am Australian. I have lived many places across the world however I am currently Stockholm based (because of a woman). I run an SEO Agency here in Stockholm, as well as what was previously on the side but is nowadays occupying most of my time, a website, a youtube channel, and several podcasts.

I know it’s a big ask from me but I thought I would nonetheless ask because how else could I ever know!? 

From your Twitter I can see you’re in Tulum now, my girlfriend and I are planning on a few months in Oaxaca soon (my heart is Mexican so is always front of mind).

I hope to hear from you mate! Keep up the amazing work and success.

Beers soon 🍻 and with cold and sunny regards from Stockholm, Ryan Faulkner-Hogg.

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