Nicky Woolf – What Is Havana Syndrome?

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Havana Syndrome & The Geopolitics Of Russia Versus The World With Nicky Woolf.

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Nicky Woolf | The Curious Worldview Podcast #121

Nicky Woolf is the host and investigative journalist behind Project Brazens latest investigative podcasts series, a story, which much to the consistency of the Project Brazen tagline, is one where again we are reminded the the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

The podcast is about Havana Syndrome, what we expect from this series and Nicky Woolf even drops a few of the salacious, geopolitical and gossipy details about the story.

We then speak about what it takes putting together an audio production like this, Nicky Woolf’s life in journalism, we nerd out on podcasting, audiobooks and as well, speak about the media landscape. 

Time Stamps For Nicky Woolf

    • 00:00 – Introduction
    • 02:12 – What Is Havana Syndrome?
    • 06:16 – The Power Of Suggestion
    • 16:41 – Setting The Scene For Us… An Introduction To Havana Syndrome
    • 19:52 – The Geopolitical Angles
    • 28:37 – Theories For Havana Syndrome
    • 36:52 – How Scary Is The Underworld Of Experimental Weaponry?
    • 40:59 – How Can Sound Physically Impair You?
    • 46:06 – Bring It All Together, The Future Of The Story & Working With Project Brazen
    • 54:08 – Changing Journalistic Landscape
    • 1:10:04 – Podcasting & Audio
    • 1:32:20 – Investigations Not Being Given Oxygen & Australian Journalism
    • 1:45:43 – Hero’s, Christopher Hitchens & Anthony Bourdain
    • 1:58:56 – What Is A Country Nicky Is Bullish On?
    • 2:11:45 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History

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