Nicholas Shaxson | Treasure Islands – The Cancerous Plumbing Of Offshore Finance & Financial Secrecy

How Financial Opacity Is A Cancer On The World. Nicholas Shaxson & Treasure Islands

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Nicholas Shaxson | The Curious Worldview Podcast #96

Nicholas Shaxson is a British author, activist, journalist, investigator, former guest on the podcast and most importantly, author of the wonderful book and subject of this podcast, Treasure Islands.

Shaxson is one of the most influential people to have blown the lid off the cancerous influence tax havens and offshore finance have upon the world. 

The reality is that much of the world’s super rich – both companies and individuals, park their money in a complicated web of trusts and shells where all transparency and accountability are lost. The consequence of this is on one end, a huge gap in taxable incomes that would then be used to develop a nation, but then on the other, more malicious end, a system that allows, supports and propagates the worst crime and criminal organisations in the world. No criminal organisation would exist at the scale it currently does were it not for trusts and financial secrecy laws.

Treasure Islands is for me the least opaque explanation for the plumbing and consequences of the world of offshore finance. 

I think Treasure Islands is so significant because for me it explained the foundational knowledge of everything that informs Jim Henry’s Blood Bankers, Bradley Hopes Billion Dollar Whale, Oliver Bullough’s Moneyland and as well, upcoming guests, John Perkins and Bill Browder. 

In This Podcast With Nicholas Shaxson, You Can Expect To Hear About…
  • A Real World Example For Why Your Grocery Shopping Is Likely Robbing The Developing World.
  • The Tools & Slimy Tricks Of The Offshore Accountant. 
  • + More On Globalisation, The Cancer Of It All & If There Is Any Way Out.

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Timestamps With Nicholas Shaxson

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 04:21 – A Real Life Example Of UK – Ecuadorian Bannana’s & The Detriments Of Tax Avoidance.
  • 22:04 – The Tools Of The Slimy Offshore Accountant – Trusts, Shells, Bearer Bonds, Secrecy & Opacity.
  • 43:21 – Why Financial Secrecy & Offshore Are A Cancer On The World.
  • 50:55 – Is This All Consequence Of Globalisation?
  • 58:14 – Calling Out Real World Companies & Crypto’s Role In All Of This.
  • 1:09:07 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For This Podcast.

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