Nathan Lynch | How Australia Became The Home Of The World’s Filthiest Money… It’s Money Laundering All The Way Down

Money Laundering, Chinese Capital Flight, Australian Property & As Well, Australian Culture

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Nathan Lynch | The Curious Worldview Podcast #106

The following is a conversation with Nathan Lynch about Australia, its economy, its culture and how both are being eroded by an abundance of dirty cash laundering throughout the Australian economy. 

Nathan Lynch is the author of ‘The Lucky Laundry: How the Aussie Economy Got Hooked on the World’s Dirtiest Cash’ – Nathan also leads a team of experts who provide breaking news, deep analysis and practical guidance in the global financial services sector. He manages Thomson Reuters’ award-winning Regulatory Intelligence team across the Asia-Pacific region.

In This Podcast, You Can Expect To Learn About…
  • Chinese Capital Flight.
  • Australian Property.
  • Nathans’s Outlook & Prediction For Australia’s Future.
  • Money Laundering In Sport (Particularly Fascinating).
  • The Redpill For Offshore Finance.
  • & More…

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Time Stamps

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 01:27: The Wire, Lester Freamon Quote.
  • 05:22 – Chinese Capital Flight & How It Distorts Australian Property.
  • 31:25 – Doomsday Outlook For Australia Economy & Culture.
  • 48:25 – The Cancer Of Lobbyism.
  • 58:14 – Drugs & A Changing Australian Culture.
  • 1:14:51 – Money Laundering In Sport.
  • 1:21:09 – Devils Advocate For Australian Property.
  • 1:28:02 – Nathan’s Favourite Character From The Book.
  • 1:32:17 – The Criminal Sources Of Illicit Funds.
  • 1:37:02 – Back To Australian Culture.
  • 1:40:47 – The Red Pill Of Offshore Finance.
  • 1:48:21 – How Does Nathan Stay So Optimistic In The Face Of So Much Corruption?
  • 1:57:12 – Serendipity.
  • 2:01:47 – Country Nathan Is Bullish On.
  • 2:09:04 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.

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