Mitchell Prothero | Cocaine In Europe & The Violence & Scale Of Organised Crime

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Mitchell Prothero | The Curious Worldview Podcast #141

Mitchell Prothero is a war correspondent and two time bureau chief in Iraq for both UPI and McClathcy Newspapper’s. He is a senior writer at VICE news, has written for Buzzfeed, and is now, the host of gateway, Project Brazen’s latest series which is guns, cocaine and dirty money in Europe.

This is truly one of the most fascinating and important stories happening in northern Europe at the moment. As Europe as a continent  is set too, apparently, overtake the USA as the gross largest consumer of cocaine in the world. And along with the increase in consumption comes the requisite increase in violence, corruption, money laundering and other criminal networks that the scale and money behind cocaine enables.

Time Stamps For Mitchell Prothero

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:54 – From Covering ISIS To Cocaine
  • 05:49 – Anecdotes With Christopher Hitchens
  • 12:05 – Deep Diving Into The Cocaine Wars Of Europe – Mafia, Violence & Narco States?
  • 36:59 – The Role Of Globalisation In All Of This + The Question Of Legalisation
  • 1:00:34 – The Stigma Around Cocaine
  • 1:08:08 – More On Cocaine In Europe + Who Are The Keyser Söze’s?
  • 1:29:12 – Who Is Mitchell Prothero & What Is This Project (Where To Find Him)

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