Mikael Syding | The Life, Lessons & Experiences From The European Hedge Fund Manager Of The Decade

Patrick Bateman As A Role Model, Consciousness, Psychedelics, The Art Of Shorting, Elon Musk, Tesla, Jim Chanos, Risk, Formative Years, Nassim Taleb & More!

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Mikael Syding | The Curious Worldview Podcast #118

Mikael Syding is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the opportunity to speak with on this podcast.

In 2010, his hedge fund, Futuris, won European hedge fund of the decade. Mikael is an extremely popular voice in the Swedish investment community and as erudite and eclectic in his interests as they come.

In addition to popularising the Italian word for effortless mastery, sprezzatura, Mikael also writes regularly about markets, philosophy, psychedelics, his own personal story, science, sleep, psychology and just about all the interesting type of stuff that the audience of a Curious Worldview are primmed at attention for.

This chat covers a spectrum of topic including…

  • Mikael Syding’s Formative Years
  • Patrick Bateman As A Role Model
  • Consciousness & Psychedelics
  • Short Positions (Elon Musk & Tesla)
  • Nassim Taleb & Risk
  • + More & More As Well

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Time Stamps For Mikael Syding

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 02:15 – Formative Years, Experiences & The Influence Of Patrick Bateman.
  • 16:45 – Left Brain Right Brain Divide & Emotional Depth.
  • 39:45 – ‘I Had Zero Empathy’
  • 45:26 – Antidepressants & Modernity.
  • 1:02:55 – Mikael Syding On Risk & Antiloop.
  • 1:15:05 – Coincidence Of Opposites.
  • 1:32:25 – Famous Short Sellers & Mikael’s Favourite Short Positions.
  • 1:43:10 – ‘Elon Musk Is A Conman’… Tesla & Twitter.
  • 2:03:26 – How Investing Expands Your Curiosities, The Information Edge In Investing, Due-diligence & 80/20.
  • 2:25:58 – Pippa Malmgren & Signals.
  • 2:37:59 – Mikael Syding’s Theory Of Consciousness.
  • 3:16:32 – The Role Of Serendipity In Mikael’s Life.
  • 3:20:57 – Advice To Young People (Lex Fridman).
  • 3:25:52 – Country Mikael Syding Is Bullish On.
  • 3:28:49 – Swedish Exceptionalism.
  • 3:33:05 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.

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