A Conversation With Michael Joos, CEO Of Vestergaard – One Of The Most Remarkable Companies In The World

Malaria Nets, Conscious Capitalism, The Future Of Africa & Huge Business Opportunities In The Developing World.

CEO of one of the worlds most important and innovative companies, Michael Joos of Vestergaard.

On the last Thursday of January this year, I was allowed a wonderful opportunity to sit down and speak with Michael Joos. Our conversation was wide-ranging and yielded three distinct chapters.

  • A Brief History Of Vestergaard (≈25 minutes)
  • Vestergaard & Conscious Capitalism (≈25 minutes)
  • Exciting Opportunities For Vestergaard (≈55 minutes)

In short, Vestergaard is a Danish company headquartered in Switzerland and famous for one of the most remarkable business pivots of history. Vestergaard went from a successful textile manufacturer in the middle of the 20th century, in the clothing business, to completely shifting their operations to textile manufacturing of a different kind. The 3rd generation family CEO, Mikkel Vestergaard, turned his attention towards Africa when he identified an opportunity that he considered his considerable resources would be better served.

Today Vestergaard are responsible for the creation of three products.

  • Permanet | Revolutionary Malaria Mosquito Net – protects >1.6 billion lives.
  • Lifestraw | Water Filtration System – provided >55 million people with fresh water.
  • Zerofly | Innovative Grain Sack – protects farmers from yield losses >$16 million.

Listen To This Podcast With Michael Joos Of Vestergaard

Conscious Capitalism Companies – Vestergaard

What Is Conscious Capitalism?

The proponents of Conscious Capitalism believe that businesses should operate ethically while they pursue profits. This means they should consider serving all stakeholders involved including their employees, humanity, and the environment—not just their management teams and shareholders.

In effect, the key difference between a charity and a conscious capitalist company is the profit motive. Both are operating to serve all stakeholders, the difference is one of them build a sustainable business model doing it.

Vestergaard is both a profit-seeking company AND creating products to save and empower lives. I would actually say Vestergaard go beyond ‘Conscious Capitalism’ because they do more than simply ‘act ethically’. Vestergaard purposefully creates products that change lives and as you will hear in this conversation with Michael, the areas Vestergaard operate in are such that if you create the best product and bet long on the productivity of developing nations than you can achieve astounding profitability as well.

I couldn’t be more bullish on the future of Vestergaard. Watch this company in the coming decades.

Watch The Interview On Youtube – Michael Joos | CEO Of Vestergaard

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