Marsel Van Oosten | Wildlife Photography Mastery, How To Take A Photo People Care About & The Economics Of Photography

Wildlife Photography Masterclass, China In Africa, Perfecting ISO, What Makes A Good Photo & More!

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Marsel Van Oosten On The Curious Worldview Podcast | #64

This podcast is with Marsel Van Oosten, a Dutch, master photographer.

Marsel is responsible for taking some of the best wildlife photos of all time, and this is not just my opinion. On a list of the 100 greatest wildlife photos ever taken, Marsel occupies as close to an objective measure you can find in art, several rungs on that list.

In addition to this, he is also responsible for having taken one of the most viewed photos of all time. You’ve very likely seen it, and if you think you know what it is, check out the link attached at the top of the description.

Marsel has been the recipient of many photography prizes, most notably he has been awarded Wildlife Photographer of the year, Travel Photographer of the year, and as well, the International Nature Photographer of the year. In addition to all of this, Marsel also works as a contributor with National Geographic.

Marsel Van Oosten surely has one of the most remarkable resumes of a living wildlife photographer. It was an absolute privilege to get to speak with him for so long.

You can expect to hear in this podcast about the following and more…
  • What Works & What Doesn’t Work When Making A Good Photo.
  • Behind The Scenes On Iconic Shots.
  • The Economics Of Photography.
  • ISO Specific Breakdown (for all my fellow amateur photographers listening).
  • The Influence Of Social Media On Photography
  • China In Africa 
  • And Of Course More, More & More As Well.

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Timestamps With Marsel Van Oosten

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:52 – Witnessing The Death Of A Baby Elephant
  • 09:52 – Is There Any Thrill In The Danger?
  • 13:50 – Are There Any Animals You Are On A First Name Basis With?
  • 15:37 – Was It The Inspiring Dutch Countryside?
  • 17:02 – The Journey To Becoming A Professional.
  • 23:32 – What Works & What Doesn’t Work When It Comes To Taking An Effecting Photo?
  • 43:22 – The Social Media Influence On Photography.
  • 54:19 – Marsel Van Oosten On Post Production & Editing.
  • 1:00:42 – Behind The Scenes On Some Iconic Shots.
  • 1:08:37 – 1600 ISO (Golden Couple).
  • 1:13:16 – On Distance In Photography.
  • 1:17:27 – The Piegraph Of Photography.
  • 1:29:37 – Artifical Scarcity & Economics In Photography.
  • 1:53:40 – South Africa (Switching Gears).
  • 2:05:02 – Marsel’s Outlook For Africa & China’s Influence On The Continent.
  • 2:17:32 – Where Is Left & Undiscovered To Take A Beautiful Photo?
  • 2:21:32 – The Skinny On Kangaroos.
  • 2:25:47 – The Most Serendipitous Outcome Of Being A Notable Photographer.
  • 2:33:17 – A Moment In Your Life That You Can’t Believe You Were A Part Of.
  • 2:43:40 – Does Marsel Have A Favourite Photo?
  • 2:47:32 – Conversation Between Any Two Poeple Of History.
  • 2:48:56 – Afterthoughts & Ambition For The Podcast.

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