Lisa Kristine | Witness & Photographer Of Modern Day Slavery

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Lisa Kristine | The Curious Worldview Podcast #161

Lisa Kristine is an adventurer, humanitarian & fine art photographer. 

She’s taken some of the most devastating but as well beautiful photos you are ever likely to see. 

She recorded an incredibly moving a TED talk about her work photographing modern slavery. It’s an absolute must view. Her work has been featured all over the globe, she sells internationally, she’s completely independents, she’s a superstar photographer. 

This episode is best consumed alongside Matthew Friedman. Together these two episodes reveal the shocking reality of modern day slavery. There are more people right now who are slaves than ever has been in our species history… and barely anyone knows it.

But this isn’t a podcast to depress you, rather I hope through Lisa this podcast will be something that instead fills you with energy.

Time Stamps For Lisa Kristine

  • 00:00 – Who Is Lisa Kristine?
  • 10:00 – Taking Consequential Photos.
  • 15:50 – On The Frontlines Of Modern Day Slavery.
  • 34:40 – Religion & Spirituality.
  • 39:56 – The Art Of Photography.
  • 43:10 – How To Live A Photographers Life?
  • 49:12 – Best Country For Photography, Sebastiao Salgado & Editing.
  • 56:14 – Serendipity & Bullish Country.

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