Libertatia | Madagascar’s Lost Pirate Utopia

The Lost Colony Of Pirates In Search Of Their Own Society – Libertatia

The existence of Libertatia seems an impossible wish of mine.

This ‘pirate colony’ of the 17th century, supposedly anchored in Madagascar’s Antongil Bay stood for a rejection of the authoritarian institutions of the day.

The 17th century was an age of empire. The Dutch, Spanish, English, French and more dominated the high seas. The Spanish were riding off the riches raped from Latin America, the French of Africa, and The English & Dutch of The East all the same. These pirates of Libertatia rejected the institutions of their day. Including the incestuous rot of monarchies, slavery, fundamentalist religion, and the myriad abuses associated with oligarchic wealth.

They rightly called it out for what it was. Abusive and exploitative BS. They wanted nothing to do with it. This is the pirate we have come to love from ‘Pirates Of The Caribean’, ‘Uncharted’ and other depictions in pop culture. Dangerous men with a moral code. People competent and capable of inflicting harm, but people who think for themselves and reject any authoritative rule that doesn’t align with their principles. Skin In The Game. People willing to die for their cause.

The desire was to create a society where ‘direct democracy’ carried. A setup that yielded significantly more Skin In The Game than their state authorised comrades.

Is There An Outside Chance Libertatia Existed?

Although there is certainly more evidence against than there is for, I am not willing to dismiss completely the existence of Libertatia.

The notion of a lost pirate colony is just far romantic for me to not believe in.

Despite journalist Kevin Rushby touring the area of Antogli Bay in Madagascar himself and coming to the conclusion that there were absolutely no signs of Libertatia. Can you forgive me for maintaining unwavering hope?

This colony could really be anywhere! Sure – if something this magnificent truly existed then it seems unbelievable that more wouldn’t be documented about it, but these men were capable of this kind of coordination!

Is It Too Late To Revive Libertatia?

Noit is absolutely not.

All we need is a couple more people. I will call my mates Aleksa & Preston who are experts in Special Economic Zones. You guys can link up with me here. We will find somewhere suitable for a rum and cigar diet and then begin the process of nation-building.

Libertatia can live on beyond its romanticised memory.

Ciao Maateys

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