Leonard Mlodinow | Emotional Intelligence, Head Transplants & How Emotions Affect Your Behaviour

Leonard Mlodinow, Mike Tyson & Buster Douglas, Inducing Determination, Emotional, A Drunkards Walk & Emotional Intelligence

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Leonard Mlodinow On The Curious Worldview Podcast

Leonard Mlodinow is the author of Emotional and the subject of this episode of the podcast.

In Emotional, Leonard tackles questions various regarding the purpose of emotion? How does emotion guide behaviour? The difference between wanting versus liking. Where does determination come from? And more. Leonard leans on an erudite range of anecdotes and studies from Mike Tyson fights to Holocaust survival and more in his pursuit of the answers. 

Leonard Mlodinow was born in 1954 to parents who were both Holocaust survivors, which is relevant to say since his parent’s stories inform much of the autobiographical sections of this book. Leonard has been a writer in Hollywood, written for Star Trek operated as a corporate executive and been a multiple times best selling author.

And all of this goes without mentioning what is the backbone of his career. Leonard Mlodinow is a world-class theoretical physicist. He is among the finest scientific writers in the world able to capture the language of the universe for general consumption. 

He was mates with Richard Feynman, he’s worked with Steven Spielberg and he was trusted with the memoirs of Stephen Hawking. Leonard’s led several lives.

You can expect to hear in this podcast about the following and more…
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • The Unbelievable Story Of A Soviet Who Potentially Saved The World.
  • Leonard’s Writing Process.
  • Plus A Whole Lot More As Well.

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Timestamps For Emotional With Leonard Mlodinow

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 04:08 – Head Transplants.
  • 09:28 – Star Trek, Hollywood & Thoughts On Memoirs.
  • 18:26 – How Emotion Effects Our Behaviour & How Petrov Saved The World.
  • 31:24 – Mike Tyson & How One Can Induce Determination.
  • 37:33 – On Emotional Intelligence.
  • 53:26 – On Leonard’s Writing Prep & Filing Away Thousands Of Anecdotes & Scientific Studies.
  • 1:09:08 – A Moment In Leonards Life That Looking Back On, He Can’t Believe He Was A Part Of.
  • 1:13:18 – Country You Are Most Bullish On?
  • 1:14:18 – A Conversation Between Any Two People?
  • 1:15:48 – Afterthoughts & My Ambition For The Podcast.

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