Kevin Kelly | Tim Ferriss, Serendipity & Aphorisms From Norm Macdonald, Nassim Taleb & Kevin Kelly Himself

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Curious Things Mentioned During The Episode

Kevin Kelly | The Curious Worldview Podcast #140

The following podcast is with Kevin Kelly.

He’s an eclectic fella with a broad array of experiences and interests, but most notably, he is the co-founder of Wired magazine, an og futurist, the photographer behind vanishing Asia, author of many many books… but most importantly to me, he wrote of one of the most viral blog posts of all time, ‘1000 true fans’.

Plus, he just published Excellent Advice For Living – a wonderful book of aphorisms.

Kevin Kelly has done at this stage probably 100’s of podcasts, I feel like I’ve listened to most of them, but while I cannot confirm this to be 100% true, I think this podcast can exist as evergreen material Kevin has not spoken publicly about before. 

We go top to bottom the role of serendipity in Kevins life. I ask him point blank what Tim Ferriss has done for him. Kevin opens up and then digs deep on the importance of communication and I even get Kevin to react to a Norm Macdonald quote at the end.

Time Stamps For Kevin Kelly

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:37 – Serendipity In Kevins Life & Travel Experiences
  • 24:52 – ‘Be A Good Ancestor’ – Kevin Kelly
  • 28:15 – What’s It Like Being Famous In China?
  • 34:02 – What Has Tim Ferriss Done For You?
  • 42:32 – Kevins Favourite Aphorism From The Book
  • 46:32 – Kevins Advice On Elite Communication + Behind The Scenes On The Podcast Tour
  • 57:22 – Kevin Reacting To A Norm Macdonald Quote + Reflecting On Mortality

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