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Justin Scheck Blood and Oil on MBS, Saudi Arabia & More

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With friends like Tony Blair, Stephen Schwarzman, Ari Emmanual and even Donald Trump – Mohammed bin Salman’s sphere of influence is as deep and broad as anyone could ever hope to wield. 

MBS – Mohammed bin Salman – is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and favourite to be the next in line for the king. 

The narrative of MBS is relatively straightforward – a monarch who has seen his country thrive of oil wealth, look into the future and see a world where both fossil fuels and social inequality are a thing of the past. MBS being the visionary with the deep pockets exacts his wealth and influence to make a change transitioning Saudi Arabia from a state that relies on oil to one that relies on solar and other renewables.

So the narrative is simple, but it is the details that are complex. With the monarchy growing at an exponential rate – yes, exponential family growth – the limitations of Saudi geography, the complexity of international influence, the role of social media, the pressures of trying to maintain balance and order, the easily understood vision of MBS is met by hundreds of divergent paths he can barely hang on to. 

Find the book here.

In this podcast with Justin Scheck Blood and Oil you can expect to learn…

  • A brief history of Saudi Arabia.
  • How MBS spends his billions.
  • A bit about the implications of Kashoggi.
  • What MBS true skills and qualities are.
  • The role of McKinsey, BCG and the rest in Saudi Arabia.
  • + much, much more.

🎙️ Listen To This Podcast Justin Scheck Blood and Oil On Apple HereSpotify Here – Or Everywhere Else Here


Time Stamps For My Podcast With Justin Scheck Blood and Oil

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:34 – How Much Did You Think About The Narrative Journalism Style & Co-Authorship For The Book?
  • 11:29 – Exciting & Ongoing White Collar Crime Investigations
  • 14:08 – Introducing Saudi Arabia Beyond The Caricature
  • 23:21 – The Unusual Labour Force Of Saudi Arabia
  • 31:48 – Is MBS’s Cultural Reformation BS?
  • 43:09 – Is MBS admiration for Alexander The Great & Machiavelli Ominous?
  • 58:54 – Egregious Saudi Prince Spending
  • 1:04:39 – Using Neon To Explain MBS Ambition
  • 1:13:39 – How Saudi Aramco Is Much More Than Just An Oil Company
  • 1:16:09 – MBS Ongoing Disatsifaction With Management Consultants + Celebrity Influence
  • 1:28:39 – Is MBS A Figure For Good?
  • 1:31:34 – Which Country Are You Most Bullish On?
  • 1:32:25 – A Conversation Between Any Two People Of History
  • 1:34:00 – My Afterthougts

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