#4 James P Dowling – Curious Worldview – Aion, Carl Jung & The Anima

Carl Jung, Uberboyo, Jordan Peterson & Aion

James P Dowling is the co-creator of all the wonderful Jungian content over at Jung To Live By. He is and has done many things. From acquiring a PHD in Molecular Biology to making viral Jungian content with the Uberboyo Aion series. James wears many hats.

Currently, James is journeying down the path of the Depth Psychologist with IPSA Global. In their own words, Jung To Live By is the internet ‘persona’ of the Institute for Psycho-Systems Analysis, run by Steve Richards, Pauline Richards and James P Dowling.

Find here An Introduction To Jungian Concepts here.

James P Dowling On Depth V. CBT, Uberboyo & More | Podcast

James P Dowling On Jordan Peterson, The Anima & More | Youtube

Jung To Live By

This is by far the greatest content out there on the internet covering the wonderfully deep content of Carl Jung. Access Jung To Live By Here

This is my favourite of the videos on the channel – James’s personal myth hit me quite personally.


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