Jack Weatherford | Mongolia, Genghis Khan & The Making Of The Modern World

Jack Weatherford On Genghis Khan, The Mongol Empire & Mongolia Culture From Then ‘Till Now

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Introducing Jack Weatherford For The ‘Curious Worldview Podcast

Jack Weatherford is an American author and academic who has positioned the relevancy and importance of Genghis Khan front and centre of Western consciousness and pop culture.

Jack is the recipient of the ‘Order Of The Polar Star’ which is Mongolia’s highest national honour for foreigners. He is the author of many brilliant books, the most notable of which is half the subject of today’s conversation – Genghis Khan & The Making Of The Modern World.

My conversation with Jack Weatherford can be broken down into three sections.

Ultimately I am extraordinarily humbled by this opportunity I had with Jack Weatherford. He was generous with his time and also with his candidness. He is an inspiration to me and also I imagine anyone else out there with a lofty ambition to write something that genuinely leaves its mark.

Time Stamps | With Jack Weatherford On Genghis Khan & Mongolia

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:18 – Why Did You Go To Mongolia At The Collapse Of The USSR?
  • 05:32 – How Did Your Experiences Travelling The Silk Road Inform Your Understanding Of Genghis Khan?
  • 11:25 – How Do You Pronounce Genghis Khan?
  • 12:11 – How Were You Received As An American In The Former Soviet Union In The 90’s?
  • 17:40 – What Else Contributed With You Falling In Love With Mongolia?
  • 23:55 – What Are Mongolian Crime Rates?
  • 26:14 – Does A Nomadic Culture Create Trust?
  • 31:00 – More On The Great Jewel Of Mongolia Being Its Culture.
  • 34:39 – Are The Mongols A Proud Culture?
  • 42:50 – How Did You Manage To Learn Mongolian?
  • 47:22 – How Do You See Mongolia Overcome Their Bad Economic Hand?
  • 54:37 – How Did They Secure The Ger?
  • 56:58 – What Does Jack Make Of China’s Attempted ‘Cultural Genocide’ Of Mongolian Culture In Inner Mongolia?
  • 1:06:51 – A Broad Macro Take On China’s Ongoing Relationship With Mongolia.
  • 1:14:33 – The Anti-Mongol Propaganda That Has Carried On Through The Centuries Since Genghis Khan – Starting With Voltaire…
  • 1:33:05 – Comparing Genghis Khan With Other ‘Great Men’ Of History.
  • 1:38:00 – Genghis Khan & Meritocracy.
  • 1:45:05 – How Good Where The Mongols On Horseback? How Good Of Warrios Were They?
  • 1:52:08 – Revisionist History: Did The Mongols Decimation Of 13th Century Islamic World Change The Course Of Relgious Influence In History?
  • 1:57:39 – What Cultural Themes From Genghis Khan’s 13th Century Exist Through To Today’s Current Day Mongolia?
  • 2:05:08 – What Is One Example Of A Good Thing The USSR Did For Mongolia?
  • 2:07:15 – More On The Cultural Themes From Genghis Khan To Today: Environmental Worship?
  • 2:16:45 – Cultural Themes Carried From Genghis To Today: An Abhorence For Speaking Of Sickness & Death.
  • 2:29:30 – Jack Weatherford’s Great Analogy For Genghis Khan That Puts Into Perspective His Exceptionalism.
  • 2:37:37 – A Message Of Inspiration
  • 2:45:30 – A Reflection On Genghis Khan’s Surging Popularity.
  • 2:49:40 – Jack Weatherford On The World Not Having A Vision
  • 3:04:00 – What Are You Writing Now?
  • 3:06:00 – What Country Are you Most Bullish On & What Are The Two People You Wish You Could Witness A Conversation Between?

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