Ghaidaa Hetou | How The #RussiaUkraineWar Affects The MENA Region

Ghaidaa Hetou On Wheat & Water Insecurity In The MENA Region As A Result Of The #RussiaUkraineWar

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Ghaidaa Hetou | The Curious Worldview Podcast | #79

This was recorded at 20:00 on the 16th of March, CET.

Ghaidaa Hetou Ph.D. is the founder of iStrategic.

Dr. Hetou guides the development and oversees the operational efficiency of iStrategic. She is a consultant and advisor on Middle East and North Africa affairs, specializing in political risk analysis, foreign policy, political economy, geopolitics, and business strategies. Dr. Hetou also writes a weekly Op-Ed in Forbes Middle East.

In this podcast, we spoke about how the #RussiaUkraineWar is affecting the MENA region (Middle East North Africa).

In This Podcast With Ghaidaa Hetou, You Can Expect To Hear About…
  • Wheat Insecurity Throughout The MENA Region.
  • Attitudes Of War From The MENA Region.
  • Why So Many From The MENA Region Are Joining The Fight In Europe.

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Timestamps With Ghaidaa Hetou

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:28 -Consequences For The War In The MENA Region.
  • 08:00 – Explaining The Chechnyan Angle.
  • 10:58 – Oil & What Is The GCC?
  • 13:43 – Back To The MENA Wheat Fragility.
  • 21:58 – Water Insecurity.
  • 27:17 – What Makes Wheat So Special? Are There No Alternatives?
  • 32:22 – The Question Of Rebel Groups & Private Militia From The MENA Region.
  • 41:44 – How Are People Thinking About This Conflict In The MENA Region?
  • 48:28 – The Global Importance Of Oil.
  • 52:48 – How Ghaidaa Sees This All Playing Out For The MENA Region.

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