Geoffrey Cain | Greatest Humanitarian Disaster Of This Century – Uyghur ‘Re-Education’ Camps & Chinese Surveillance

The Perfect State By Geoffrey Cain – Documenting The Greatest Humanitarian Disaster Of This Century | Uyghur Muslims In China

Geoffrey Cain is an award-winning foreign correspondent, author, technologist, and scholar of East and Central Asia. He is a former correspondent at The Economist, a regular commentator in The Wall Street Journal, Time, Foreign Policy, The New Republic and The Nation. He is also a contributing editor at The Mekong Review, and a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, BBC and Bloomberg.

Geoffrey’s most recent book, the ‘Perfect Police State’ documents the truly overwhelming dystopian reality of 2021 China and the Uyghur humanitarian catastrophe which is currently unfolding in Xinjiang Province.

In this conversation with Geoffrey, you can expect to learn about…

  • The historical clash between the Han Chinese and Uyghur Muslim ethnic monitory.
  • The prevailing surveilance state over time.
  • How close to an attempt at genocide the ongoing Uyghur subjugation is.

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Time Stamps For My Conversation With Geoffrey Cain

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 04:32 – Themes Of The Book + Authority Of The Research
  • 10:32 – How Horrific Is The Current Situation?
  • 17:22 – A Brief History of The Conflict Between The Uyghur & Han Chinese
  • 28:22 – Terrorism Between The Han & The Uyghur
  • 32:47 – Anti-Uyghur Propaganda
  • 37:05 – Doubling Down On The Propaganda
  • 43:55 – Documenting A Progressively Worsening Surveillance State Over Time
  • 51:26 – What Is The Real Han Interest’s Here?
  • 56:22 – What Is The Current Situation?
  • 1:15:43 – Why is This Catastrophe Not Better Documented?
  • 1:27:08 – Where Does The BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) Fit Into This?
  • 1:32:32 – China’s Dwindling Soft Power
  • 1:37:32 – The Surveillance State Everywhere
  • 1:44:02 – Is Geoffrey Under Threat For Publishing This?
  • 1:49:22 – A Bit About Geoff

Links To Geoffrey Cain’s Work

? Watch This Podcast With Geoffrey Cain On ‘The Perfect Police State’ On Youtube Instead

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