A Framework For Fulfilment & The Venn Diagram Of Riches

A Self Help Framework For How To Optimise Your Life & The Venn Diagram To Riches

The framework for fulfilment is tried and true.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Relationships

Two out of three ain’t bad, one is, and three is bliss.

The secret key to this framework lies in the overlap of time and money. For so many of us, one is always traded off at the cost of the other. Here, I attempt to break down my approach to managing this impossible intersection and hopefully elucidate the secret sauce to achievement of all three boxes.

The Money Vs. Time Trade-Off

I am designing my life in accordance with two foundational pathways.

  • (1) – Own my time via liberating financial independence.
  • (2) – Spend my time in pursuit of my instinctual path – irrespective of money.

It is the elusive specifics that make the combination of these two so difficult to realise. The romanticised prospect of ‘following your bliss’.

And, while I think it is evidently clear that should one simply follow their passion prioritised above everything else than not only are they likely to fall, but you’d actually have been better off rolling the dice or playing the lottery.

This is the unfair demand and supply nature of our world. There is a finite demand for your passion which is counterbalanced by an obese excess of supply.

In other words, the framework for fulfilment is a hard look at the world as it is opposed to the idealistic world you wish to inhabit. You can follow your passions. Aboslutelouty. But, you cannot be fair-minded and expect them to also pay your bills.

Simply Following Your Passion Is An Uncertain Framework For Success.

As humans, and particularly more so for the ambitious among us, we want many things. And often it is the case that our passion will rarely be one task but rather the overlap of many.

I have iterated through an abundance of passions, each, at the time, I was convinced was the answer. When I was a boy, cricket was the only thing I would ever do. For several years not a day went by where I didn’t play some form of cricket. I dreamed of cricket. But now I look at the Australian Test Team and don’t envy even for a second the path those individuals went down.

What is our passion? Our bliss? Can it be so simple as to be but one thing?

I iterated through woodworking, I iterated through animal welfare, sales, writing, speaking, hospitality, poker, the coffee business – I have ebbed and flowed through passions each time convinced I had found the meaning always in site but perennially evasive.

Following Your Passion Down The Path Of Uncertainty

Following your passion above all else is a framework for uncertainty.

Why? Because unless you have a passion (deeply) for one of the few skills that are in high demand in our economy, then following your passion is a path to misery.

The struggling artist, athlete or resteraunteer are superficially romanticised.

These types tick the passion box but leave empty the financial, and few happy families are birthed in financial insecurity.

The framework for fulfilment is tried and true.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Relationships

2 out of 3 ain’t bad, one is, and three is bliss.

And so. The fundamental motivations I opened up this piece with. Emphasise the money box. Prioritise it.

We are so lucky to be alive in the modern economy. Pathways to riches are as abundant as ever BUT! They will almost certainly not align with your passion. And so we return to my two fundamental motivations.

It’s All About The Money

  • (1) – Own my time via liberating financial independence.
  • (2) – Spend my time in pursuit of my instinctual path – irrespective of money.

#2 cannot exist without #1, and #1 is hardest to achieve. If money anxieties no longer excreted from your pores then what would you do with your time. Is the pursuit of your bliss worth the difficulty and sacrifice of achieving #1?

Because a crucial consideration to make at this point is the following. Perhaps the financial security of your passionless job is worth the trade-off. This path is more certain. Not everyone can achieve their passion, nor their ambition and even perhaps nor even their dreams. Given the series of competitive domains that encircle our lives there, unfortunately, must always be abject winners and abject losers.

Should you decide to pursue your bliss than you do so at great risk. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you money isn’t important. IT IS. Financial security is the best thing you can create for your family and the best thing you can create for yourself. Everything else is upside.

But to return to my question – If money anxieties no longer excreted from your pores then what would you do with your time.

Personally – I would walk, surf, read, write, talk, work for Planet. This would likely put you to bed. Perhaps your instincts drive you towards slow mornings and getting lost in good TV. Whatever! It is no one’s business judging your bliss, but as long as you don’t have #1 – you will never have the time to appropriately pursue #2. You will – like I have done for many years, continue to trade your time for an hourly rate in order to purchase food, pay rent and accumulate savings. We must earn beyond these basic needs should we ever have a hope to pursue #2.

However that journey is both steeped in glory and riddled with risks. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

“First You Get The Money – Then You Get The Power”

There are a bajillion people and infinite resources out there ranging from legit advice to charlatan gurus who can teach you the best way to achieve #1.

The truth of the matter is – there are certain skills that reward those endowed disproportionately well. Money is a competitive domain, and as I have spoken about before, competitive domains have clear winners and losers which inherently accumulate at the tail ends of the distribution. Most people will have little money, and little people will have the most money. The economy will reward someone who becomes competent in web development. Now very few people actually enjoy that type of work, I would even suggest most people already doing it are not that stoked, but this is an example of how an objective look at the economy can yield you a great financial payoff.

The cost is that you will forgo the time and the cost of frustrating effort as you force yourself to learn and become competent in something that does not align alongside your bliss.

The true and only way to create legit financial independence is to have ownership via one vehicle or another in financial markets. I am exposed and my key to achieving #1 lies down this road. My savings and my accumulated income is consistently being put to work to serve this interest.

Think about yourself and the competencies you endow. What is your fastest route to ticking box #1?

What does your Venn Diagram To Riches look like?

The Venn Diagram To Riches

Key to the framework of fulfilment is your Venn Diagram To Riches. Think about –

  • What skills are in high demand?
  • What skills are within your realm of competency?
  • What skills pay the best?

Map this out and it will make things crystal clear for you. The more specific you are, the clearer the path will become.

venn diagram to riches

My own personal ven diagram yielded a tiny slither of a cross-section between skills I endow and things in demand that pay well. This yielded the formation of my SEO Agency – HFH Digital. SEO is in high demand, pays well, and is well within my realm of competency. My goal is tick off box #1 – and the best way to make that happen is to make HFH as big a success as possible, too attract the big $D.

SEO is not my bliss, and I have no qualms admitting to this. My bliss lies elsewhere, but it can only be pursued fully as fundamental motivation #2 once fundamental motivation #1 is achieved.

This requires the hard, disciplined work scaling the agency to the point where it functions without my oversight. Then it’s the classic game of compounding and accumulation. The Mathew Principle, money begets money, and success breeds success. I have both ears firmly stethoscoped to the financial markets.

I need but the capital to start making a difference.

This Is The Framework For Fulfilment

This is my framework for fulfilment. Perhaps there is something here for you and perhaps this could simply be dribble.

Following your passion is a framework for uncertainty. Don’t let survivorship bias dominate your aspirations. Outliers make it seem like it could be any of us. It can’t. Be smart. Be tactful. Get the money, then let everything else fall into place.

These are my principles, and if you dont like them… I have others – Guacho Marx

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