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Matt Breen | The Curious Worldview Podcast #156

Matt Breen is host of the Explorers Podcast, which  focuses on the great explorers and adventurers of history.

Matt goes deep down into multi episode series one great explorer at a time. My personal favourite is his story of the great Scottish/Australian John McDouall, but he’s covered them all – And If you like hardcore history and Dan Carlin, then there is a lot you’ll like about The Explorers Podcast. 

Even Elon Musk recently gave Matt a direct shoutout on X, and having checked just now, that tweet has almost 200 million impressions.

I think I’m right in asserting that this is unlike you will have heard Matt before. He hasn’t done a dedicated long form podcast elsewhere, and so this exploration into the history of the show and how his worldview has been shaped by the explorers he studies is all new material. 

And so we go behind the scenes of The Explorers Podcast, the early days, how it started, the podcast growth, the business of content, to even the possibility of one of matt’s stories going to Hollywood. 

We then lean into some of the Explorers Matt loves and take a couple tangents in that direction to then finally rounding out with the traditional question on serendipity.

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Time Stamps For Matt Breen

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:37 –  The Elon Musk Tweet
  • 07:37 – Matt’s Journey Into Podcasting
  • 15:57 – Process Of Creating An Explorers Episode & Storytelling
  • 30:07 – How Long Before You Started Gaining Momentum?
  • 34:35 – The Business & Economics Behind The Show
  • 43:07 – Hollywood Taking On Explorers Podcast
  • 49:43 – Matt Loves Australia
  • 1:02:57 – Which Explorers Does Matt Love Most?
  • 1:08:58 – Blind Traveller James Holman & Histories Great Forgotten Explorers
  • 1:22:38 – What Would Be The Most Fascinating Time Period To Be An Explorer In?
  • 1:29:22 – Is There Any More Room For Exploration?
  • 1:37:14 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History Dead Or Alive
  • 1:49:22 – The Role Of Serendipity In Matt Breen’s Life

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