Erik Townsend | Macrvoices Don On Energy Transition, Early-Life Formative Experiences, Serendipity & Dream Guests

Erik Townsend On Software Entrepreneurship In The 80s, Peter Ziehan, Nassim Taleb, Macrovoices, USD Reserve Currency & More!

Curious Things Mentioned During The Episode

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Erik Townsend | The Curious Worldview Podcast #131

When I started this podcast I made a list of 20 or so names that were titled β€˜Dream Guests’. 

On this list included names the likes of Salman Rushdie, Ricky Ponting, Chael Sonnen, Robert Friedland, Anne McEvoy, Alain de Button, Mads Mikelson, Jared Diamond… the names of people I deeply admire who are as well, whale-level type guests. 

And among these many names on the list was the person who is the guest on this episode… the host of Macrovoices, the great Erik Townsend. 

Erik Townsend has dipped his toe into several disparate worlds. He made millions as a software entrepreneur in the 90s, retired onto a yacht in his 30s, has lived all over the world, even managed a hedge fund, and has since built one of the strongest media platforms in finance – Macrovoices.  

In the following conversation, the topics that we spoke about include the following…

  • Erik’s Formative Experiences
  • The Why & How Behind Erik’s Energy Transition Documentary
  • Why Peter Zeihan & Nassim Taleb Have Yet To Appear On Macrovoices
  • Behind The Scenes Of Macrovoices
  • USD Reserve Currency & Serendipity

Time Stamps For Erik Townsend

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:22 – Early Life & Formative Experiences
  • 16:48 – Something Obvious To Erik That Isn’t Obvious To Anyone Else
  • 20:57 – Putting Together Erik’s Energy Documentary (+ Nuclear Bull Case)
  • 54:12 – Geothermal Energy
  • 1:02:16 – Why Hasn’t Peter Zeihan Been On Macrovoices?
  • 1:05:42 – Macrovoices Was Created As A Stealth Marketing Strategy To Promote The Hedge Fund
  • 1:16:40 – Dream Guests For Macrovoices (Nassim Taleb)
  • 1:20:10 – Significance Of The USB Being The Worlds Reserve Currency
  • 1:32:22 – Ethics Of Tax Evasion & Offshore Finance
  • 1:42:15 – The Role Of Serendipity In Erik’s Life
  • 1:51:37 – Country You Are Most Bullish On
  • 2:00:22 – Conversation Between Any Two People Of History
  • 2:02:22 – Message Of Admiration To Erik

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