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Elizabeth Kolbert | The Curious Worldview Podcast #162

Elizabeth Kolbert writes about science, and the environment. She is staff writer at the New Yorker and now, the second pulitzer prize winning journalist to have joined this podcast.

Elizabeth was awarded the pulitzer prize for her 2015 book, the Sixth Extinction, which makes the case for how humans are driving straight off the cliff to earths 6th mass extinction event.

In this chat with Elizabeth today, we covered the major themes from her pulitzer prize winning book such as the sensitivity of the oceans and how CO2 messes with it. The unreal scale of it all. Understanding 440 million years. Climate change, climate skeptics, then we did a bit about Elizabeth Kolbert, journalism and the rest. 

Timestamps For Elizabeth Kolbert

  • 00:00 – Who Is Elizabeth Kolbert?
  • 01:39 – Mass Extinction Events
  • 06:29 – Communicating The Scale Of 440,000,000 Years
  • 09:53 – The Importance Of Our Oceans
  • 16:49 – Are Humans All To Blame For Climate Change?
  • 21:36 – Making Sense Of Climate Scepticism
  • 26:59 – Ed Conway’s Material World
  • 34:39 – Elizabeth’s Most Significant Experience Researching The Book (The Great Barrier Reef)
  • 36:39 – Nihilism In The Face Of Climate Change.
  • 39:24 – Rapid Fire Final Questions.
  • 45:35 – Serendipity & Country To Be Bullish On.

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