David Roberts | Writing For Vox, Volts Substack & (My Favourite) Everything Geothermal Energy

David Roberts | Volts On Geothermal Energy & Geothermal Engineering

David Roberts is, among many other interesting things, THE energy writer on substack @ volts.

He wrote a terrific article a while back on the Vox publication documenting Geothermal Energy. As you know – Geothermal Energy – is very close to my heart and in addition to my article ‘The Promise Of Geothermal Energy‘ this chat with David works to support my understanding of the real potential this clean energy proposes.

David now writes on substack under volts.wtf – The Volts Substack – and this is the place to read about clean energy online. The depth is fantastic and the breadth of understanding is impressive.

Please enjoy the chat! The Geothermal discussion comes in around minute 30.

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Time Stamps For Interview with Volts, David Roberts

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:38 – A Bit About Dave
  • 05:48 – The Link Between Philosophy & Climate Change
  • 08:08 – David’s Problem With Academic Philosophy
  • 12:08 – David’s Philosophical Worldview
  • 19:38 – What Technologies & Innovations Are You Most Excited In The Public Sector?
  • 28:36 – Everything Geothermal
  • 47:29 – Country You Are Most Bullish On.
  • 48:52 – Witness A Conversation Between Any Two People Of History.
  • 53:00 – David’s 10 Year Political Forecast.

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