Dan Paech On Why Sweden Is A Great Country For Business – Sweden’s Horrendous Housing Policy & A Story Of Serendipity

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Dan Paech & Sweden & Maximising On Serendipity

Dan Peach is the guest on this episode of the podcast and co-owner of the Stockholm based start-up, 100 Point Challenge.

Dan is a mate of mine who I met a couple of years ago when I was selling a booking software for tour operators in Europe. Dan owns the business that was at the time the companies first Swedish client. I have since moved to Stockholm and Dan has become one of my closest friends here.

I wanted to interview Dan because he has such an interesting story about moving from Perth over to Sweden. He is a business owner and perennial entrepreneur and he currently owns and runs a business that pulled off one of the best pivots I have ever heard during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is stuff worthwhile of a Harvard business case study.

You can expect to hear in the podcast with Dan Paech about the following and more…

  • Dan’s story and motivation for coming to Sweden of all places.
  • Starting and running a business in Sweden.
  • A bit of Perth history and what its like to grow up there.
  • Plus you guys will hear about more and more as well, please refer to the timestamps to navigate through the chat.

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Timestamps For My Podcast With Dan Paech

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 03:58 – Starting In Perth, Childhood & The Mining Boom
  • 18:18 – Moving To Sydney, Covid-19 & Health Economics
  • 27:18 – Journeying Onto Latin America
  • 35:18 – Onto London & Asking The Question – What Do I Want To Do?
  • 42:18 – Dan Giving An Explanation For The Backwards Housing Market In Sweden
  • 47:48 – Dan’s Story Of Entrepreneurship Through Sweden
  • 58:38 – What Did Dan Learn Through His Various Failures?
  • 1:02:48 – The Heroic Pivot
  • 1:10:08 – What Is Sweden Like To Run A Business?
  • 1:16:53 – Reflecting On How The Path Could Have Been Different
  • 1:22:08 – Plans To Return To Australia
  • 1:26:45 – What Country Are You Most Bullish On?
  • 1:30:38 – Conversation Between Any Two People

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