Open Letter To Alex O’Conner – The Cosmic Skeptic

Hello Mr Skeptic,

I loved your Christopher Hitchens Sophistry video. Hitchens did occasionally get away with weaker points, but it was always because he was just overflowing at the seams with charisma. He placed a higher value on audience engagement than he did (at times), the merit of a specific point. 

As he points out forcefully in Hitch-22 and continually throughout his life. There is nothing worse than being boring.

I, similar to yourself, am greatly influenced by the Hitch. I am sure I have consumed every minute of footage existing of the man.

It has been a pleasure discovering your channel. I subscribed to the podcast to listen to Dawkins and have stuck around for all the other brilliant content. Congratulations on the success of your different platforms. I am blown away that you managed to get your channel to a point of legitimacy which justifies the appearance of Dawkins, Murray and the like so early in your life… it almost feels like you’re on trajectory to supplement a recently passed horsemen.

I cannot wait to see you get Sam Harris on (which is but a matter of time).

The purpose of me writing you this letter is two fold. Primarily, it is a vehicle which allows me to ask, if it would at all be possible, for the opportunity to interview you. And secondarily, the intention is to pass on praise and admiration. 

What you have built through your channels is truly exceptional. It is of course, full credit to you, due to your hard work and intelligence, but nothing should discount the success of your channels so far. It seems to me your channel growth really has only just started though. As more countries, cultures and newer generations familiarise themselves with youtube, converters to atheism are surely going to further the existing trend upwards, positioning your channel firmly in the crosshairs of people’s ‘coming to grips’ with the alternative line of thought.

I would relish the chance to interview you on my podcast.

At root, we have a mutual and unusually pronounced admiration for Christopher Hitchens, I envisage us discussing the role he has played in our lives. I am intrigued by how a 21-year-old has managed to achieve what you have achieved and therefore much to discuss concerning ‘the path’.

Seemingly there is much kindling underfoot that would make for a worthwhile discussion.

My name is Ryan Faulkner-Hogg, I am a 26 years old Australian living in Sweden.

I can only imagine how busy you are, given all of your commitments, and I respect your time. It would certainly not be my intention to waste it.

It would be my absolute pleasure to interview you. I would be sure to do all I can to make it enjoyable, and god willing, not boring 😉 

Cheers mate! Ryan.


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