#11 What About When | Colin Wright – Minimalism, Author Of Dozens Of Books, One Of The Original Digital Nomads.

This episode is an interview with Colin Wright of many fames, the most notable of which including being a serial author, international speaker and prolific creative producer.

I started perusing Colin’s blog, Exile Lifestyle, many years ago whilst I was doing lots of travelling. Colin has lived in many, many different cities and villages throughout the world. He would intentionally go somewhere for 4 months at a time to lay some roots, but never too deep.

We spoke about highlights from his travels, the upsides and downsides of the digital nomad surge, we touched on minimalism and then ended the chat with a bit of geopolitics.

Colin Wright is the author of dozens of books and all of his work is found here at Colin.io

Timestamps From What About When Podcast With Colin Wright

00:00 – Introduction
02:37 – Hello Colin!
03:41 – Travel That Changed You The Most – Calcutta
16:30 – Making Money Online In The Early Days
19:38 – Let’s Talk About Digital Nomads
23:33 – Downsides To The Digital Nomadic Lifestyle
32:00 – Big Changes To Digital Nomads Last 10-15 Years
41:00 – What Are Great Unknown Digital Nomad Destinations?
47:30 – A Transition Into Minimalism
54:57 – The Taiwan Quesiton
58:39 – If You Could Witness A Conversation Between Any 2 People Of History
1:01:27 – What Country Are You Most Bullish On? + Geopolitics Of The Arctic

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