Chris Lovett | Author Of The Discovery Of Less

A Minimalist Journey Through The Ridding Of All That Is Unnecessary

Chris Lovett is the author of the wonderfully written and freshly printed book – ‘The Discovery Of Less’.

Chris joined me on ‘A Curious Worldview‘ for an interview about the journey he went through in writing the book. It starts in London and then proceeds to tell a tale that is so relatable to so many of us. The story of getting stuck into something you didn’t intend. That feeling you are not living according to your instinctual path. That feeling like you are not taking on the adventures your younger self wished your older self would be brave enough to take.

Chris went through it all – and then came out on the other side wisdom and experience he couldn’t help but not share through a book. And so we have ‘The Discovery Of Less’ – link below.

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Time Stamps For My Interview With Chris Lovett | The Discovery Of Less

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 00:59 – Comfort Zone.
  • 08:39 – Was It Minimalism That Was Driving You Or Was It Something Else?
  • 14:29 – The Realisation You Are Not Living Your Instinctual Life.
  • 22:24 – Was The 80/20 Principle At Play?
  • 27:49 – If You Try Hard Enough You Can Reach The Stars.
  • 29:11 – Friends.
  • 35:59 – Taking A Risk & Inviting Serendipity.
  • 40:49 – Continuing Along The Timeline.
  • 46:49 – The Writing Process For A First Time Writer.
  • 53:19 – The Logistics Of Self-Publishing.
  • 59:59 – Working Alongside Some Famous Minimalists.
  • 1:04:34 – Via Negativa

Links To Chris Lovett’s Work

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