Open Letter To Tim Ferriss

Open Letter To Tim Ferriss – Mentor To Millions. Tim Ferriss has had a big influence, as you know, here is a short explanation how.

Stephen Hicks | Understanding Friedrich Nietzsche’s Life & Philosophy (Part 1)

Freidrich Nietzsche Quotes, Nihilism & The Ubermensch Stephen Hicks returns to the podcast and delivers us one of the best pieces of content on the internet covering Friedrich Nietzsche. Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the greatest and sharpest philosophers of all time. Nietzsche’s ideas, Nietzsche’s quotes and Nietzsche’s philosophy has proven to be truly Lindy …

Mike Salbro ‘Big Mike’ | Growing Up Aboriginal In Sweden From The Stolen Generation

An Aboriginal Growing Up In Sweden – Social Work & Addicition – The Last Of The Stolen Generation Big Mike Salbro is one of the last people forcibly taken from their mother’s arms as a member of the stolen generation. Mike’s story is full of twists, turns, tragedies and inspiration. He was adopted at just …

Half Year Review: 2021

Half year review for 2021 from the bi-annual review series. The first half of 2021 includes menstruation cups, Mexico and much more.