Bjorn Persson | How ‘Beauty Will Save The World’ – Life As A Swedish Wildlife Photographer & Anti-Poacher

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Bjorn Persson On The Curious Worldview Podcast – Wildlife Photography & Anti-Poaching

Bjorn Persson joined me in my kitchen in Stockholm recently. We recorded this towards the beginning of December 2021.

Bjorn Persson is a Swedish Wildlife photographer. He is the author of two books, The Real Owners Of The Planet and what is now my favourite photography book, Beauty Will Save The World.

Bjorn delivers so much emotion with his camera. His work and admiration for the animals go well beyond the professional, however, he is a trained and practising anti-poacher and enthusiastic about protecting endangered wildlife. He is now the Chairman of a Swedish/Kenyan NGO that is bringing the leverage and scale of tech to the wild game parks of Kenya.

More on that in the link below, and of course, more on that in the conversation.

You can expect to hear in this podcast about the following and more…
  • Anti-Poaching & The Problems Of Endangered Species In Africa.
  • The Economics Of Fine-Art Photography & The Business Of Photography.
  • Some Amazing Anecdotes & Experiences From Bjorn In The Field (Including Snow Leopards, Silverback Gorillas, Lions, Elephants, The Rest)

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Timestamps For This Podcast With Bjorn Persson

  • 00:00 – Introduction.
  • 03:51 – How Photography Became A Part Of Bjorn’s Life.
  • 12:06 – Do You Think You’ve Taken Your Best Photo?
  • 14:06 – Bjorn On His Work In Anti-Poaching As Well As The Ivory Trade.
  • 27:08 – How Different Animal Prints Sell + Understanding Wildlife Threats In Africa.
  • 39:27 – Distinction Between Fine-Art & Documentary + Meeting Goodall & Attenborough.
  • 47:16 – Taking Photos Of Silverback Ape.
  • 54:23 – Some Of The Mechanics Of Wildlife Photography + The Pie Chart Of A Photographer.
  • 1:19:31 – Photographers Bjorn Looks Up Too.
  • 1:23:58 – The Economics Of Photography.
  • 1:43:05 – Danger & Travel.
  • 1:52:51 – Economics Of Publishing & Printing.
  • 2:00:35 – What Photo Would You Take Right Now If You Had No Limitations?
  • 2:05:21 – A Moment In Your Life That You Can’t Believe You Were A Part Of.
  • 2:11:41 – Does Bjorn Have A Favourite Photo?
  • 2:12:41 – Smart Savannahs.
  • 2:22:16 – What Country Are You Most Bullish On?
  • 2:27:21 – Afterthougts

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