Bill Browder | State Of Russian Culture, Russian Economy + Global Despots & Bill Browder’s Rouges Gallery

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Curious Things Mentioned During The Episode

Bill Browder | The Curious Worldview Podcast #167

Bill Browder is back for his #2 appearance on the pod!

This was recorded in his London offices, and builds upon the themes from our first conversation.

Bill discusses the very real threat of assassination by both Putin and China. He lays out his Rouges Gallery of both nations and individuals and offers what is a rather desolate and grim picture of the Russian culture and economy.

Bill Browder is the author of Red Notice & Freezing Order.

Red Notice is one of my favourite autobiographies. It is an incredible story from how Bill went from the descendent of one of America’s most famous communists to becoming one of the most famous capitalists in Russia. At Hermitage Capital’s peak (Bill’s investment firm) he was the largest source of Western Capital in Post-Soviet Russia… his experiences around the voucher system alone make the book a must read. Or podcast a must listen 😉

Timestamps For Bill Browder

  • 00:00 – Safety & Threat Of Assassination
  • 08:00 – Long Term Impact On Russian Culture
  • 17:22 – Current State Of The Russian Economy?
  • 21:46 – The Global Magnitsky Act
  • 26:46 – Bill Browder’s Rouges Gallery & Anti Rouges Gallery
  • 34:44 – Bill’s Public Profile
  • 38:24 – What Is The Function Of Hermitage Capital
  • 40:18 – Bills Son & Entrepreneurship
  • 45:29 – Country Bill Is Most Bullish On

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