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Ash Bhardwaj | The Curious Worldview Podcast #177

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Why We Travel – Ash Bhardwaj

Ash Bhardwaj is an author, journalist, film-maker and former british army who amongst his many expeditions has ventured the likes of journeying 8500km along the Russian European border. Retraced secret missions of WW2 through Albania. Walked 800km through India and The Himalayas, meeting the Dalai Lama on the way. Walked 1100km through Uganda and Sudan with Levison Wood which included the first summer crossing of the Bayuda Desert. Trekked the Mt Everest Base Camp with wounded soldiers. Worked on earthquake recovery in the Philippines. Trekked through the Jebel of Dhofar in the footsteps of the SAS, and really he’s done a hell of a lot more as well. 

He recently published his first book titled Why We Travel, and in discussion of his life and worldview I was privileged to have gotten to sit down with him in his home in London to record this very episode – there is a video available on youtube if you are keen.

Ash really is my dream style of guest. He is a wonderful speaker, incredibly open and curious and has achieved many of the types of things, I wish to one day emulate. I am very grateful to have gotten to spend this time with him.

Timestamps For Ash Bhardwaj

  • 00:00 – Who Is Ash Bhardwaj
  • 03:55 – Great Explorers From History
    15:13 – Differences Between Australian & New Zealand Culture 
    35:57 – Adventure & Travel
    43:44 – Ash’s Most Consequential Journalism & Ukraine
    54:08 – Why We Travel
    59:53 – What Makes Great Travel Writing?
    1:13:43 – Publishing Market For Travel Books & Why We Travel
    1:29:36 – What Eat Pray Love & Cultural Phenomenon Did For Travel + (New Unexplored Paradise?)
    1:39:43 – Is The World Becoming More Dangerous?
    1:42:43 – Changing Demographics Of Travel & Getting Deep Into Why We Travel
    1:59:50 – Country Ash Is Bullish On

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