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Angus Fletcher – Author Of Wonderworks: 25 Powerful Inventions In The History Of Literature.

Rethinking The Hero’s Journey – It’s Survivorship Bias The Whole Way Down.

Angus Fletcher joined me on ‘A Curious Worldview’ recently. He is, among many other things, the author of the wonderfully insightful book – Wonderworks: 25 Powerful Inventions In The History Of Literature.

Angus has been involved in a ‘rogue literary‘ group known as project narrative for some time and as consequence now and then throughout his career been involved in the writing and editing of both popular and unpopular Hollywood scripts. Angus is a trained neuroscientist and it is from this perspective he approaches his understanding of literature.

What Angus has done is uncover inventions of literature that until now have only been understood on an instinctual level. Angus has measured what certain styles and techniques of literature do to the brain. How empathy is trained through literature. Why apologies are effective. Things along these lines. It’s brilliant.

We spoke about much – however my favourite moments from the chat were the among the following.

  • Applying The Scientific Method To Literature.
  • Movies Versus Books.
  • Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell & The Hero’s Journey.
  • Teaching Literature Differently.

Listen To My Interview With Angus Fletcher On Apple Podcasts – Or On All Other Platforms Below – #27 ‘A Curious Worldview’

Time Stamps | Angus Fletcher On ‘A Curious Worldview’

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 02:21 – How’s The Book Being Received So Far?
  • 05:11 – High School English Class
  • 09:21 – How Old Is Literature?
  • 11:01 – Angus & His Very Eclectic Resume
  • 14:21 – Applying The Scientific Method To Literature
  • 19:04 – Difference Between Consuming Literature As Movies V. Books
  • 27:06 – Redesigning The Way Literature Is Taught
  • 41:41 – The Discovery Of Empathy & The Neuroscience Behind It
  • 52:51 – A Contrarian’s Take On The Hero’s Journey – Is It BS?
  • 1:18:11 – Discoveries From Non-English Literature
  • 1:20:51 – A Bit About Comparative Mythology & Foundational Myths
  • 1:25:21 – What Literature Read In The Last 20 years Do You Think Will Still Be Read 1000 Years From Now?
  • 1:27:51 – If You Could Witness A Conversation Between Any Two People, Who Would They Be?

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