#10 Alex Marcon | China’s Questionable Economy & The Will They Be The Next Super Power?

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#10 What About When | Alex Marcon, China and Geopolitical Super Power.

Alex Marcon returns after his earlier interview (2020) explaining his Covid-19 portfolio –

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Alex has some really interesting insights into just what the hell is going on at the moment. He does not get too distracted by the news and is rather just compounding his knowledge and money every day in the financial markets. Alex has some great thoughts about China and also helps me understand better what infinite stimulus means for USA, the world and how it will cause the gradual but nonetheless inevitable shift of geopolitical power.

Twitter @alexmarcon9

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00:00 – Introduction
00:48 – China!
08:03 – Chinese Malinvestment
14:12 – Corrupt Accounting
27:00 – US Funds Military Through Debt
31:00 – Shifting Geopolitical Power
37:20 – Did Covid-19 Help Or Hinder China?
47:15 – China/Nicaraguan Canal
55:02 – Australia & China
1:00:09 – Infinite Stimulus


Alex Marcon What About When Youtube

Alex Marcon On Spotify Instead

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