Cheers you bloody legend!

VERY IMPORTANT — to make sure that the emails never end up in spam. DRAG YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL INTO THE PRIMARY FOLDER.

CHECK YOUR SPAM – it is possible the confirmation ended up in spam.

Just to make sure things are 100% going to be successful – you can even go so far as responding to the confirmation email. This will create a chain between our email servers and confirm the authority.

Cheers again! You’ll hear from me soon šŸ™‚

a curious worldview ryan faulkner-hogg

3 thoughts on “After Subscribing | A Curious Worldview

  1. Ryan,

    Love your work with the Incerto Podcast. Iā€™m a massive fan of Nassim Taleb – stoked I stumbled across your podcast so I can test my understanding of the series.

    FYI, I am law student studying at Bond Uni on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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