3 Must Do Food Tours of Amsterdam

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Holland has a terribly unusual food culture. Bitterballen, Kaasfillet and flat Heinekens are all part and parcel of getting around here.

Although you must try these unironically named foods at least once, the tasteless and oil saturated Dutch ‘borrel eten’ should not define the food experience as a whole.

Amsterdam is a terrific culmination of global cultures running back five hundred years. You can find some of the world’s best Chefs cooking up some of the world’s best cultural fusions around every corner. Heavy Asian influence, Caribbean influence and European influence blends into some delicious conclusions.

Naturally, given the thriving food culture here in Amsterdam there exist a number of fine operators who will leave a lasting impression on you and offer a keen insight into the food culture.

I have been living in Amsterdam for two years and working closely alongside the tour operators, allowing me a keen insight separating the best from the rest.

Eating Amsterdam Tour

This group run the most polished offering in Amsterdam. Knowledgeable and focused, they pay attention to your food requests. It is a very personalized experience and they don’t take large groups so make sure you book now.

Vegan Tours Amsterdam

Gaining popularity fast is the Vegan perspective of Amsterdam. This tour is certainly not just for Vegans, it is for all! Amsterdam is among the most progressive cities in the world, affording many Vegan options culminating many delicacies. They are a small team and very popular so make sure you book now.

Canal Cruise Food Experience

This is an experience best suited for a more luxurious look at the cultural side of Dutch food. You will get a chance to cruise around the Amsterdam canals with the accompaniment of a live chef cooking a classy four course meal. Space is limited so be sure that you are booking now to ensure your spot.


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